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MeetBall is the leading alternative to single-purpose event apps. We create digital communities for event hosts that save time and money, while providing year-round attendee engagement.

How it Works

MeetBall Communities offer a simple and engaging way to share details, location information, and real-time communication with your event attendees.

Interactive Maps

Provide your attendees with their own personal event guide using MeetBall’s proprietary navigation technology.

Live Messaging

Keep your event community informed with real-time notifications, updates and last minute changes.

Curated Social Feed

Our social algorithms allow you to easily create a personalized event conversation tailored for your audience.

Who it's For

Meetball is a simple, engaging, and inexpensive custom app alternative for event hosts and their community.


Share Locations

Location sharing allows attendees to see their friends on a map in real-time, so they spend more time enjoying events.

Navigate Events

Compass navigation makes it simple and fun for attendees to find their way to points of interest at events.

Live Updates

Live messaging gives event hosts the ability to send updates, reminders, and even special offers to attendees.

Join The Conversation

Social and chat integrations allow attendees to participate and connect through conversations surrounding events.

Event Maps

Easily create custom event maps that help guide your attendees to the right locations.

Schedule of Events

Make sure that your attendees know when and where things are taking place.

Revenue Generation

Proximity-based marketing tools and sponsor integration allow hosts to increase their event ROI.

Landing Pages

Custom links act as a landing page for your event, allowing it to be shared via social media, email, text, and web.

How to Begin

We make it easy for event hosts to have their custom Community up and running in less than 24 hours. You can explore hundreds of event communities by downloading the free MeetBall app today.


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